Claire Starkey


Claire has been collaborating on agricultural initiatives with local and international partners to improve food security for farmers and farm families in developing countries for three decades. A creative strategist, she provides leadership to Fintrac's organizational development, advises staff and clients on best practices to achieve sustainable impact, and advocates for increasing women's participation in the agribusiness sector worldwide.

Latest Articles

The nexus of agriculture and nutrition
23 Jul 2014

International efforts to advance food security can benefit from a greater focus on nutrition, argues Fintrac President Claire Starkey in this guest commentary for Feeding Development. What kind of multipronged approach does she suggest?

Can USAID Forward support sustainable supply chains?
17 Jul 2014

The U.S. Feed the Future initiative has advanced food security around the globe in the past four years. But it could do more. A guest commentary by Fintrac's Claire Starkey for Feeding Development.