Daphne Davies


Daphne Davies is a London-based freelance journalist and consultant with more than 30 years' experience in international development. She has worked with the U.N., the European Union, national governments and global civil society organizations, including Amnesty, WWF and LDC Watch. Her expertise is in monitoring government policies in relation to international cooperation. Her interests are in sustainability, social and economic matters, women and least developed countries.

Latest Articles

21 Mar 2016

How have EU member states responded to the refugee crisis and what will guide its response for the future? Yves Pascouau, director of migration and mobility policies at the European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based think tank, gave Devex his assessment of the road ahead for bloc in this #AcrossBorders interview.

5 ways US scholars can support the Arab Spring
15 Jan 2016

How are research institutes and their students collaborating to foster political and social change in North Africa? Devex takes a closer look.

At home and at work: How to avoid the pitfalls of a first overseas posting
15 Dec 2015

If you’ve just accepted a position for an international development organization in a country new to you, you’re most likely wondering about the cultural adjustments you’ll have to make ahead of and during your time abroad. Devex asked two aid workers hailing from London for their own experience in adapting to work in Malawi.

Malawian farmers learn new ways to combat climate change
2 Dec 2015

The Enhancing Community Resilience Program — a major effort to support rural livelihoods — is made up of national and international partners to help people in rural communities adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. Devex talked to a range of actors to learn what lessons can be drawn from ECRP and where it goes from here.

For Conservation International, partnerships are key to its success
14 Sep 2015

Conservation International attributes a large part of its success on the importance it places on partnerships as a way to "change how development occurs." Devex met up with Jennifer Morris, the environmental nonprofit's chief operating officer to learn more about how it achieved its success.

How to move from theory to practice on Syria's refugee crisis
28 Jul 2015

A recent study on the plight of Syrian refugees shows the potential of putting international development research results into practice to concretely help people on the ground. Its key finding? Health and education support need to be integrated, and government regulations modified.

'Disintermediation' and how it affects #globaldev implementers
25 Jun 2015

New technology has narrowed the gap between those on the ground and individual donors, bringing with it new ways to connect and lower transaction costs. So will disintermediation be the talk of the town in Addis Ababa in July — and potentially be the next "disruptor" for the global development financing landscape?

The future of humanitarian financing
17 Jun 2015

What needs to change in the current humanitarian financing structure to stretch aid dollars and ensure much-needed funding is delivered faster? We take a closer look.

Calling all researchers: The developing world needs you
2 Jun 2015

Gone are the days when a master's degree in international development was considered the key qualification to carving out a career in development. Today, those studying the sciences, medicine or education are finding their research has a direct effect on those living in the developing world.

How to improve humanitarian aid delivery
14 May 2015

The international development community has found itself increasingly dealing with multiple humanitarian emergencies. With needs more than doubling over the past decade, radical changes are needed to disburse funds and support for these disasters.