Deb Carstoiu


Deb Carstoiu is managing director of plant biotech communications at CropLife International, the global voice for the plant science industry. She has worked in plant biotechnology communications for more than 15 years.

Latest Articles

PPPs: Planting the seeds of prosperity for Bangladeshi farmers
30 Mar 2017

For around 8 million small-scale eggplant farmers in Bangladesh, a healthy crop can be the difference between a life of prosperity and a life of struggle. Pooling public and private sector resources has helped scientists develop a biotech crop resistant to its most deadly pest — the fruit and shoot borer — giving hope for a more prosperous future. CropLife's Deb Carstoiu explains how in this guest column.

The sorghum plant that could tackle blindness
27 Feb 2017

Scientists in Kenya have taken a staple crop, sorghum, and enhanced its Vitamin A content to help fight chronic nutritional deficiencies that cause hundreds of thousands of children to go blind every year.