Diederik Kramers


Diederik Kramers is a freelance correspondent in Brussels covering EU and NATO affairs. A former spokesperson and communications officer for UNICEF and UNHCR, he previously worked as foreign desk and Eastern Europe editor for the Dutch press agency ANP and as editor-in-chief of the Dutch quarterly Ukraine Magazine.

Latest Articles

EU flies in aid to Ukraine, but how will it reach most in need?
2 Feb 2015

Already contending with several challenges that constrain their ability to provide humanitarian support, aid groups working in eastern Ukraine now have to deal with new security provisions that may impede delivery even further.

Beyond the bubble, millennials take center stage for EYD2015
29 Jan 2015

2015 is the European Year for Development, and the European Commission and members of the European Parliament are banking on the present generation of young adults to take #globaldev issues to the streets and along the corridors of power.

Quake aid 'exposed culture gap' — Haiti activist
19 Jan 2015

Five years after the 2010 Haiti quake, many Haitians feel international efforts to help the country recover failed to meet their goals, particularly local ownership of development gains. We learn more from Gotson Pierre, an award-winning Haitian journalist who urges foreign aid groups to "go local" and understand what the country is all about before setting up shop.

Belgian development bank targets small enterprises
9 Jan 2015

The Belgian development bank's new multiyear investment strategy streamlines priority sectors and countries, and hones its focus on micro, small and medium enterprises. It also lays the groundwork for private sector investments, its chief investment officer tells Devex.

FAO seeks support to tackle food insecurity in Ebola-stricken areas
19 Dec 2014

The number of people threatened by food insecurity in the Ebola-affected region in West Africa could jump from 500,000 to 1 million by March 2015, Devex learns from a FAO official as the U.N. agency raised the alarm over the new danger looming beyond the immediate health crisis.

EU finally agrees on 2015 budget, but development funding remains in limbo
18 Dec 2014

The European Union avoided a total collapse of its budget by agreeing on its expenses for next year after the European Parliament accepted a compromise with the council. Snowballing debts from past years, however, could still jeopardize development funding throughout 2015.

Battle against Ebola to go 'mini, local' — experts
16 Dec 2014

The struggle against Ebola is evolving. Fighting the disease in West Africa now requires smaller and more flexible locally staffed teams in the countryside to respond to mini-outbreaks, Devex learns from sources who attended a recent high-level meeting with U.N., EU and NGO experts in Brussels.

EU ministers push for larger private sector role in development
15 Dec 2014

Recognizing that the private sector is adopting an increasingly higher profile in global development efforts, European Union development ministers agreed Friday on an ambitious set of proposals to strengthen the role of the private sector in future EU-funded projects. NGOs, however, warn the ministers are "only seeing the good side" of more corporate involvement.

New Belgian development policy demands courage and cuts
28 Nov 2014

In an effort to "sharpen the DNA of development cooperation," Belgium will be reducing its development budget and prioritizing fewer countries over the next five years. What will all these mean for the future of Belgian foreign aid?

EU outlines priorities for post-2015 talks
27 Nov 2014

This week, the European Parliament passed a resolution detailing the stand the EU should defend in next year's negotiations over the post-2015 sustainable development goals. We give you an insider perspective into the process that led to a hard-fought consensus.