Elizabeth Zehner


Elizabeth Zehner is the project director for Helen Keller International’s Assessment and Research on Child Feeding project. Zehner, who has managed the ARCH project for the past three years, has extensive experience as a technical adviser in the area of international maternal, infant and young child nutrition. With a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University, she has worked with several organizations which focus on child health and nutrition issues, including PAHO, Nurture, and Wellstart and has done consulting for organizations including Save the Children, UNICEF and GAIN.

Latest Articles

Protect breast-feeding, the ultimate personalized medicine
8 Apr 2016

By increasing breast-feeding, more than 820,000 lives would be saved annually in 75 low- and middle-income countries and the global economy would expand by billions of dollars. Helen Keller International's Elizabeth Zehner and Elizabeth Ransom explore why breast-feeding rates are not improving faster, and how to protect them.