Emma Smith


Emma Smith is a research and reporting professional based in Barcelona, Spain. Originally from Glasgow where she received her B.A. in journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University, Emma also has a master's in media and international conflict from the University College of Dublin. She has experience producing analytical case studies for advocacy initiatives on the issue of child rights in overseas development aid.

Latest Articles

Webinar: Becoming an international humanitarian aid worker
17 Jan 2017

As millions of civilians across the globe continue to flee armed conflicts, natural disasters and the impacts of climate change, skilled humanitarian professionals are as important as ever in alleviating human suffering. The challenges faced by these humanitarian aid workers have changed over the years and so to has the way in which careers in this sector begin and evolve.

New solidarity initiative will provide volunteering opportunities across Europe
6 Jan 2017

The recently launched European Solidarity Corps (ESC) could offer valuable life and work experience for young people interested in a career in global development. The initiative, launched by the European Commission, will bring together participants from different backgrounds to contribute to projects across the EU member states.

Webinar: Getting job search ready for 2017
21 Dec 2016

The holidays can be a great opportunity for you to reflect on your career goals and evaluate your job search strategy. With many employers intensifying their recruitment efforts in the first months of the new year, it is worth dedicating some time over the holidays to ensuring your resume is up-to-date and your online profile highlights your core skills and expertise. Watch this webinar on tips to get job search ready for 2017.

Ask Devex: Our top career advice from 2016
19 Dec 2016

Global development remains a competitive job market for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. In addition to having a great CV, it is important to know what skills are required, what college degrees will be most useful and what hands-on experience can help you get the role you want in global development. Here is a look back at some of our top career advice from 2016.

How employee engagement can help your organization recruit and retain talent
7 Dec 2016

Employee engagement is about more than just happiness in the workplace. Successful employee engagement can also contribute to retaining and recruiting top talent. Here are three ways it could help your organization manage and attract talent.

3 ways data analytics can improve your organization's recruitment strategy
7 Dec 2016

Data analytics are changing the way organizations approach recruitment — from managerial decisions regarding employee placement, promotion, retention and workforce planning. It can also provide the hindsight, insight and foresight to improve the efficiency of your organization's recruitment strategy. Here are three ways data analytics can help your organization.

6 metrics to know for an effective recruitment strategy
8 Nov 2016

At the core of any organization's success is the people who work there, so finding, hiring and keeping the right talent should be a top priority. Recruitment metrics — historical, real-time and predictive — can facilitate this. Based on best practices shared at the HR Tech World Congress in Paris, here are six metrics you should begin measuring to build an effective recruitment strategy.