Eva Donelli


As a correspondent based in Brussels, Eva Donelli covers EU development policy issues and actors, from the EU institutions to the international NGO community. Eva was previously at the United Nations Regional Information Center for Western Europe and in the European Parliament's press office. As a freelance reporter, she has contributed to Italian and international magazines covering a wide range of issues, including EU affairs, development policy, social protection and nuclear energy. She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish in addition to her native Italian.

Latest Articles

Q&A: Akinwumi Adesina on AfDB's climate mission
13 Dec 2018

The president of the African Development Bank talks to Devex about AfDB's efforts to build an endogenous model for climate adaptation and resilience in Africa.

5 tips for applying to WFP's Junior Professional Officers program
28 Mar 2017

The World Food Programme's JPO program offers a chance to kickstart a career in international development. Former WFP Human Resources Director Prerana Issar shares tips for applicants, and tells Devex how young professionals across the sector can start now to set out their long-term career goals.

FAO: Against Zika virus, no one can fight alone
30 Mar 2016

Is the Zika virus causing unnecessary panic? FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo shares her personal experience with the virus and suggests some recommendations to minimize the threat, reducing the spread of the virus.

Syria crisis: Humanitarian agencies urge unimpeded access
10 Feb 2016

After the opening week of peace talks aimed at ending the war in Syria were suspended only three days after they began, Devex shares a recent call from humanitarian organizations to stop the suffering and place pressure on all parties to end the blockade on urgently needed humanitarian assistance.

No 'plan C' drugs available, malaria progress threatened
28 Apr 2015

The only way to beat drug-resistant malaria is to eradicate malaria completely. But how can the global health community achieve that when its most effective anti-malarial drugs are under threat? Charles Nelson, chief executive of the Malaria Consortium, shares his insights in this exclusive interview.

New EU leaders urged to push the ball together on global challenges
4 Nov 2014

The new European Commission led by President Jean-Claude Juncker officially started its term of office on Nov. 1 with changes to its structure. But will further changes be necessary to meet the challenges of internal coordination and a range of urgent external crises? We asked two policy experts.

Meeting the World Bank's EU 'enabler'
3 Nov 2014

The World Bank's special representative to the EU sat down with Devex to share the obstacles he faces in his role as an enabler of bank relations with EU institutions, the solutions he has put in place, and the bank's priorities in ongoing discussions.

How ODA modernization can improve finance for development
24 Oct 2014

The OECD-DAC is quietly implementing a reform process that offers a crucial opportunity for donor governments to identify what should be considered ODA — and the ONE Campaign has some key recommendations on how to define and measure aid. We spoke to its policy manager.

Federica Mogherini set to become new EU foreign policy czar
9 Oct 2014

Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini received unanimous approval this week to become the EU high representative for foreign and security policy and a vice president of the European Commission. We take a look at what her development priorities will be once she officially takes over from Catherine Ashton on Nov. 1.

Italy's aid reform spawns new agency
22 Sep 2014

After 20 years of debates and negotiations, Italy is set to launch not only a comprehensive aid reform but also a new aid agency. How would these developments shape Italian foreign aid?