Fatima Arkin


Fatima Arkin is a freelance journalist specializing in climate change, human rights and sustainable development. She has reported across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America for Foreign Policy, SciDev.net, Maclean's and many others. She holds a B.A. in international development and history from McGill University and a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University, both located in Montreal, Canada.

Latest Articles

Amid global soil crisis, governments struggle to reach farmers
9 Jan 2019

"Farmers look for a holistic solution and we give them a compartmentalized solution," says Suhas Wani, former director at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

UN Green Climate Fund sees nearly $840M worth of IDB projects lapse
13 Dec 2018

Two of the Inter-American Development Bank’s seven planned projects have lapsed, and GCF will no longer support the projects in their current form. How did a major multilateral development bank wind up with its projects terminated?

In Bahrain, UN Green Climate Fund board meeting shows a house back in order
30 Oct 2018

After a breakdown at its last board meeting, GCF kick-started a process to replenish its dwindling finances and approved over a billion dollars worth of climate adaptation and mitigation projects.

Q&A: Behind the breakdown at UN's Green Climate Fund
10 Aug 2018

Last month at the Green Climate Fund's board meeting, the fund failed to approve almost a billion dollars in proposed projects and the executive director unexpectedly resigned. GCF's Zaheer Fakir, discusses the fund's policy gaps, the polarizing issue of replenishment, and how it might move forward.

After Trump's withdrawal from Paris, a mixed year on US climate action
25 Jul 2018

Since withdrawing from the climate agreement, U.S. representatives continue to participate in international climate change negotiations and meetings. With China seemingly stepping into the U.S. former climate leadership position, all eyes are now on the U.S. midterm elections in November, where the makeup of Congress may well determine its climate support.

At the UN's Green Climate Fund, the honeymoon is over
10 Jul 2018

GCF failed to approve almost a billion dollars in proposed projects during a critical year for climate action with the rule book of the Paris Agreement expected to be finalized by the end of the year. Then its executive director, Howard Bamsey, resigned in a shock announcement, the effects of which are still reverberating across the international climate change community.

What you need to know about blockchain in 2018

Though the technology is still in its early days, more than half of social-good blockchain initiatives are estimated to impact beneficiaries by the end of this year, according to a Stanford University report. To keep development practitioners abreast of this rapidly evolving space, Devex rounds up the top five things you need to know about blockchain and its most publicized application, cryptocurrency.

How to access the UN's Green Climate Fund
10 May 2018

In response to criticism over its lengthy accreditation process, the Green Climate Fund has rolled out a simplified approvals process. Here's what you need to know about the new initiative.

The Green Climate Fund commits billions, but falls short on disbursements
9 May 2018

The world's largest international climate fund ramps up operations, committing a landmark $1 billion at its February board meeting. But civil society organizations continue to question the substance of the projects approved while disbursement levels remain abysmally low.

How faith-based groups secured global climate funds
24 Jan 2018

Approval for billions of dollars committed to the Green Climate Fund in 2015 came thanks in no small part to faith-based organizations. With much of that work undone, can they successfully lobby the Hill once again?