Flavie Halais


Flavie Halais is a contributor based in Montreal who covers cities and international social issues. In 2013-2014, Flavie was an Aga Khan Foundation Canada International Fellow, reporting for Nation Media Group in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s also reported from Rwanda, Brazil and Colombia.

Latest Articles

Securing community forest rights is key to achieving climate goals
19 Sep 2018

A new report highlights the role played by people in safeguarding much of the world’s carbon reserves. Yet the authors say governments are largely ignoring one of the most cost-efficient ways to avoid the release of carbon emissions: Recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities to collectively own and manage their land.

In India, making the business case for community forest rights
24 Jul 2018

India’s Forest Rights Acts held the promise to change the lives of millions of forest dwellers. But the 10-year-old law has so far failed to limit land encroachment and evictions by public authorities and corporations. A new cross-sector initiative seeks to reverse the trend by making the business case for indigenous and community forest rights.

Why the EU's flagship refugee program in Greece faces an uncertain future
30 Jan 2018

The ESTIA cash and housing assistance program was intended to get refugees out of overcrowded camps, and better integrated into life in Greece. But a year before the planned transition to public authorities, a lack of long-term strategy from government is already putting its future in doubt.

Making satellite technologies work for sustainable development
2 Oct 2017

Space technologies play a key role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, even though major barriers to data usability and accessibility remain. Here's what the global development community can do to make satellite communications work for everyone.

In fight for secure land rights, corporations and communities find common ground
7 Sep 2017

Conflicts over land rights are on the rise around the world, as resource exploitation pits corporations against local and indigenous groups. The Interlaken Group wants to reverse the trend by having corporations, investors, international NGOs and land rights activists sit down at the same table to actively seek solutions. Can it work?

Canada's new foreign aid policy puts focus on women, rights
12 Jun 2017

Canada's new international assistance policy takes a progressive, rights-based approach to tackling the SDGs. But with no increase in the overall aid budget, turning these commitments into action may be easier said than done, warn Canadian NGOs. Here's what you need to know about the new strategy.

To save the world's forests, protect women's land rights
25 May 2017

Women living in forest communities play a crucial role in climate change mitigation and economic development in low- and middle-income countries, a new report by the Rights and Resources Initiative says. But legal frameworks granting them safe and secure tenure rights are lacking, putting countless communities at risk of increased poverty and vulnerability to land degradation. Devex gets the inside track.

5 takeaways from Canada's 2017 aid budget
12 Apr 2017

Canada's aid budget follows through on a promise to focus on women and girls. But with no new spending planned for the next five years, advocates can't expect the Canadian government to cover funding gaps left by other donors' retreats.

4 growth trends in impact investing
16 Dec 2016

At the annual Global Impact Investing Network Forum in Amsterdam, the Sustainable Development Goals emerged as a guiding framework.

Global Fund sees new donors, persistent gaps
20 Sep 2016

Despite reaching its funding goal at the replenishment conference in Montreal, Canada, the Global Fund's resources may still not be enough to reach those most in need.