Helen Castell


Helen Castell is a London-based financial journalist with nearly 20 years’ experience covering trade, energy and risk for TXF, Shares Magazine, Global Trade Review, Newsbase, Trade Finance Magazine and other Euromoney publications. At Devex, she writes about development banking, private sector engagement and funding trends. She studied English Literature at Sheffield University and International Journalism at London’s City University, and speaks English, Spanish and Japanese.

Latest Articles

How to chart a new path for disability-inclusive development
12 Dec 2018

People with disabilities must be empowered to help shape the development agenda and ensure programming is truly inclusive. Here’s how it can be done.

Connecting traditional banking to small farmers: Innovate for impact
13 Jun 2016

Thomson Reuters’ Bankable Farmer project aims to connect the farming sector and the traditional banking sector to create a business opportunity for both. Ahead of Devex World, Saidah Nash Carter, project leader at Thomson Reuters, discusses her experience of building the project, how it has evolved, and the importance of partnerships for innovation.

Why Habitat III matters
3 May 2016

The United Nations’ Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, in October represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for governments, companies and the development community to forge a meaningful response to the challenges and opportunities presented by urbanization. Devex explores the issue in this #NewUrbanAgenda feature.

Is IATI benefiting anyone yet?
3 Dec 2015

The launch in 2011 of the International Aid Transparency Initiative Standard triggered a wave of excitement. But four years on from the IATI Standard and more than seven since the launch of the initiative, what is the practical impact on the lives of development beneficiaries? Devex takes a closer look.

Sending money to fragile and sanctioned states: A guide for NGOs
10 Jul 2015

Counterterrorism legislation has added another thread to an already complex tapestry of challenges facing NGOs seeking to send money to fragile and sanctioned states. But there are ways NGOs can help limit the extent to which such legislation affects their operations. Here are some of them.

How NGOs can get the best from their banks
27 May 2015

To get a better deal from their bank, NGOs need to be proactive. This means staying on top of what’s out there, learning how to negotiate and seeking strength in numbers, we learn from bank officials and the directors and chief financial officers of several organizations.

How NGOs should choose their banks
25 May 2015

What should NGOs and charities consider when choosing who to bank with? We spoke with bank officials and organizations' chief financial officers to find out.

How NGOs can save money on FX
22 May 2015

Foreign exchange can represent a huge part of an NGO's financing or banking costs. There are numerous ways to make savings here, but many smaller and midsize organizations are not getting the best deal. Here are 10 questions NGOs should ask to get the best deal from their banks or brokers.

Jeremy Farrar: Steering Wellcome into 'truly' international waters
11 May 2015

How is the world's second-biggest charitable foundation making itself truly global? And why do international organizations need better funding, more support and a genuine mandate to tackle crises like Ebola? Devex talks to Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust.

Private sector joins push to raise African incomes through trade
8 Apr 2015

Innovative efforts to dismantle trade barriers in East Africa provide a shining example of how the private sector can work alongside governments and nonprofits to help drive sustainable economic growth and lift people out of poverty. A Devex analysis.