Jennifer Brookland


Jennifer Brookland is a Devex global development reporter based in Washington, DC. She has worked as a humanitarian reporter for the United Nations and as an investigative journalist for News21. Jennifer holds a bachelor's in foreign service from Georgetown University and a master's in journalism from Columbia University and in international law and diplomacy from the Fletcher School. She also served for four years as an Air Force officer.

Latest Articles

World Urban Forum links development with better city planning
3 Sep 2012

With sustainability topping the post-2015 development agenda, issues created by global urbanization will have to be addressed in conjunction with greener concerns. At this week’s World Urban Forum in Italy, the aid agenda is fitting itself into traditional urban planning and forward-looking sustainability conversations.

A wave of support for WASH
31 Aug 2012

At World Water Week in Stockholm, which ends today, advocates for water, sanitation and hygiene interventions are pulling out the hard evidence that mainstreaming WASH is the best way to achieve development goals.. Devex spoke with one the issue’s champions.

ASEAN’s ‘catalytic’ role in averting a global food crisis
31 Aug 2012

As one of the world’s major rice producers, Southeast Asia can impact global food trading. The Asian Development Bank recommends establishing a commodities exchange and rice index to ensure stable rice prices not only for the region but also worldwide, averting what many fears as a possible repeat of 2008. Devex discusses the role development partners can play to help the Asian rice markets work.

Chronically poor northern Ghana gets its own Millennium Village
30 Aug 2012

Ghana is on track to halve poverty by 2015, but not everyone is benefiting. A newly announced Millennium Village in the northern part of the country hopes to address deep pockets of poverty.

In USAID procurement, a game of stop-and-go
29 Aug 2012

The U.S. Agency for International Development has been known for its particularly cumbersome process and frequent delays in awarding field work. But over the past few years, delays have become worse, implementers tell Devex. Here’s why.

Global Fund awards $419M in new grants
29 Aug 2012

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has approved 45 proposals from 37 different countries, awarding grants totaling $419.8 million. The projects were given “on an exceptional basis” through a Transitional Funding Mechanism, launched as a preemptive effort to safeguard gains the organization feared would be lost after the normal proposal cycle was canceled.

In Somalia, FAO worker’s death spells trouble
29 Aug 2012

A U.N. employee was killed in a targeted attack in southern Somalia — a setback in the international campaign to deliver aid to the famished region controlled by al-Shabab militants.

Global Fund rewards Nigeria’s malaria investments
28 Aug 2012

Nigeria’s malaria prevention and treatment programs just received a $225 million boost from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, including a grant tied to the African country’s additional commitments.

Myanmar sends aid workers to jail
28 Aug 2012

Three aid workers were sentenced in a courtroom in Myanmar: The charges against them had never been revealed, and the United Nations has never been allowed to meet with them.

EU outlines strategy to strengthen social protection policies
28 Aug 2012

Recognizing inequality as a development challenge, the EU Commission released its first ever communication on social protection. Devex gives you a rundown of the vision behind it, and the steps ahead.