Lisa Cornish


Lisa Cornish is a freelance data journalist based in Canberra, Australia. Lisa formerly worked with News Corp Australia as a data journalist for the national network and was published throughout Australia in major metropolitan and regional newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph in Melbourne, Herald Sun in Melbourne, Courier-Mail in Brisbane and online through Lisa has recently been awarded the 2014 Journalist of the Year by the New South Wales Institute of Surveyors.

Latest Articles

ChildFund Australia brings direct sponsorship to the community
10 Oct 2016

How can the emotive power of sponsorship be channeled to help whole communities? One Australian NGO is hoping to find out.

The Australian approach to integrating Syrian refugees
22 Sep 2016

Australia focuses its support services on individual refugee needs, a unique approach that could provide insights into how to make long-term integration a success.

How to win funding through DFAT's Business Partnerships Platform
19 Sep 2016

The Business Partnerships Platform is the latest foray of Australia's aid program into generating greater involvement of the private sector engagement in development.

Political deal-making could impact Australia's foreign aid budget
11 Jul 2016

The chaotic Australian politics may have produced an unlikely winner — the foreign aid budget.

Winners, losers and the rest — Australia reveals its 2016 aid budget
4 May 2016

The new aid budget has been called Australia's least generous ever. Devex breaks it down to see which sectors and countries get the short end of the stick.

Outsourcing the Australian aid program
22 Apr 2016

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's issuance of larger international development contracts illustrates a greater reliance on the private sector to deliver aid programs.

As new budget cycle approaches, unpredictability hounds Australian aid
21 Apr 2016

Despite a persistently gloomy budget outlook, Australian development organizations are pushing for greater leadership and investment in foreign aid.

What will it take for NGOs to both work and compete with the private sector?
19 Jan 2016

NGOs are increasingly seeking to better engage and partner with the private sector. Effective training in communication, risk taking and relationship building is one aspect fundamental in achieving successful collaboration, Chris Roche, associate professor and chair in international development at La Trobe University, tells Devex.

When will female leadership be reflected in the development C-suite?
5 Jan 2016

Statistics from Australia and the U.S. show women dominate the nongovernmental organization workforce, but that representation still doesn’t translate to the C-suite. Devex caught up with several women from the Australian-based Women in Development group to find out where they think the biggest hurdles remain.

6 ways women in development can break the glass ceiling
5 Jan 2016

To make 2016 the most successful year to date for women in development, Devex spoke to development and career experts to collect the best tips to build confidence and career opportunities.