Lottie Watters


Lottie Watters is a Reporting and Communications Associate based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to Devex’s global development audience. Lottie is a recent graduate with a background in geography and journalism, taking a particular interest in grassroots international development projects. She has worked with organizations delivering clean water and sanitation projects globally.

Latest Articles

Top employers in sports for development
16 Oct 2018

Sport is praised by UNICEF and many others for its ability to break down social barriers and discrimination relating to gender, ability, and background. Devex details some of the biggest organizations implementing sports for development initiatives.

Advice from the pros: 5 tips for succeeding as operations manager
9 Oct 2018

Skills for operations managers include people management, multitasking, and problem-solving. Here are five tips for succeeding in the role.

Top global development employers in Rome
21 Sep 2018

The city is a growing hub for agriculture and food development, with three U.N. food and agriculture agencies headquartered there. Devex takes a closer look at some of the organizations with offices and headquarters in the Italian capital.

NCDs: Where the future development jobs will be
18 Sep 2018

Tackling noncommunicable diseases will require some surprising job roles. From urban designers to economists, find out which professions are sought after to overcome this global development health challenge.

Ask Devex: Transitioning into and within the development sector
7 Sep 2018

In this month's webinar, Devex's Executive Vice President Kate Warren weighs in on some of the most pressing questions for global development job seekers, including how to transition into development from the private sector, transitioning to and from being a development consultant, and how to tackle gaps in your CV.

Top employers in ICT4D: A primer
6 Sep 2018

GIS, big data, and artificial intelligence are just some of the technologies shaping and redefining global development work. Here are some of the top organizations embracing technology to solve development challenges.

Advice from the Pros: 6 tips for succeeding as a communications specialist
21 Aug 2018

Communications specialists are crucial in getting an organization’s message across, and with the rise of new media, it is a rapidly evolving role. From the digital tools to the latest on communication trends, find out how to succeed in this role.

Why organizations need to stop hiring expats and start hiring more local staff
14 Aug 2018

Despite being a much-discussed topic in development, there are fears that localization efforts are losing steam. Devex spoke with World Neighbors — which only employs local staff — to get insights on the benefits of hiring locally and why other organizations should follow suit.

Webinar: Your guide to a standout consulting CV
10 Aug 2018

Devex Executive Vice President Kate Warren gives her expert advice on how to create a standout CV specifically for development consultants. Find out how to create a top consulting CV, from the basic elements to include to optimizing your CV for digital recruitment.

How to create the best data visualizations for global development
24 Jul 2018

Data visualization skills are increasingly important in a variety of global development jobs, but still aren't often taught on training programs — Devex's data experts gave their top tips and tricks on how to create the perfect visuals.