Lottie Watters


Lottie Watters is a Reporting and Communications Associate based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to Devex’s global development audience. Lottie is a recent graduate with a background in geography and journalism, taking a particular interest in grassroots international development projects. She has worked with organizations delivering clean water and sanitation projects globally.

Latest Articles

Advice from the pros: 9 tips for succeeding as chief of party
29 May 2018

A chief of party is responsible for directing whole projects from start to finish: Management, organization, implementation, and finances. Devex spoke with experienced COP Tewodros "Teddy" Yeshiwork to get his advice on succeeding in this important leadership role.

How employers can better support parents at work
22 May 2018

Overseas assignments, frequent travel, time away from loved ones — for parents with young children, this can mean a choice between career and family. While the spotlight is on parental leave policies, organizations can do more to support mothers — and parents — in continuing work. Devex spoke with several working mothers to get their advice.

Advice from the pros: 3 tips for succeeding as a health systems strengthening expert
15 May 2018

Increasingly in demand, health systems strengthening experts work across disciplines to identify and implement change in a country’s health system. Devex speaks with expert Zana Somda — who has worked extensively with Palladium, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Population Services International — on how to succeed.

Most googled questions about recruiters — answered by recruiters
15 May 2018

Why do recruiters ask for current salary?

What men in disaster response should do to promote gender equality
8 May 2018

Following sexual misconduct and harassment scandals that highlighted ongoing issues in the development sector, Devex spoke with experts in the field on what men can do to work toward greater gender equality in disaster response teams.

The future of jobs in international development — and who'll be filling them
8 May 2018

Growing trends in localization beg questions about what role — and as a result, jobs — professionals in traditional donor countries will play in future. Duncan Green, professor at the London School of Economics and senior strategic adviser at Oxfam GB, explains.

6 tips for aspiring development professionals
1 May 2018

Development is a competitive field, and landing your first job can be a challenging and frustrating process. Anne Clinton, career consultant at the London School of Economics and Political Science, offers her expert advice and insights on how to break into the sector.

Advice from the pros: 5 tips for succeeding as a gender specialist
24 Apr 2018

Devex spoke with a seasoned gender specialist, Patience Nambo, to find out her advice for others working in this role — from understand the best technologies to bridging the gap between the field and headquarters. As part of a Devex series of advice from professionals working across the global development sector, here are her tips for succeeding as a gender specialist.

Applying to jobs at the World Bank: An insider's guide
18 Apr 2018

Landing a job with the World Bank Group is highly competitive. With only a fraction of applicants receiving job offers, it's important to tailor your application and utilize all the insider knowledge you can get to stand out. Devex spoke with Roberto Amorosino, senior human resources specialist at the bank, to get his advice on increasing your chances of getting hired.

Advice from the pros: 7 tips for succeeding as a proposal manager
17 Apr 2018

Experienced proposal manager Deepti Gumber Bhatnagar shares her advice for succeeding in her role. From the skills you should develop, to which technology platforms to use, here are seven tips for current or aspiring proposal managers.