Ma. Eliza Villarino


Currently based in New York City, Eliza is a veteran journalist focused on covering the most pressing issues and latest innovations in global health, humanitarian aid, sustainability and development. A member of Mensa, Eliza has earned a master's degree in public affairs and bachelor's degree in political science from the University of the Philippines.

Latest Articles

OECD Young Professionals Program: What you need to know
23 May 2016

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Young Professionals Program hires new professionals every other year. For the 2015 cycle, the program received roughly 7,000 applications for 19 assignments. Devex spoke with the OECD YPP coordinators to find out who is eligible, how candidates are chosen, and tips for standing out in the process.

World Bank Young Professionals Program: What you need to know
6 May 2016

For more than half a century, the World Bank has been recruiting and training its future leaders through its Young Professionals Program. We spoke with the head of talent acquisition for the bank's youth programs to find out who is eligible, how to stand out in the application process and what to expect in the program.

The ADB Young Professionals Program: What you need to know
19 Apr 2016

Dream of a career at the Asian Development Bank? The Young Professionals Program is an opportunity for early-career professionals — and aspiring leaders — to get their foot in the door at this Manila-based institution. Read on to find out who is eligible, how to make your application stand out and what to expect during and after the program.

The IDB's Young Professionals Program: What you need to know
12 Apr 2016

Interested in joining the Inter-American Development Bank? The young professionals program is one way early career professionals can break into this sought after institution. From who is eligible and how to apply to how to make your application stand out, here is everything you need to know about the IDB's young professionals program.

Engineers in global development: How much do they make?
22 Mar 2016

The persistent perceived notion about working in global development is that it means earning a low income. But is that the case for engineers? From international NGOs to development consulting firms to multilateral aid agencies, see what some actual global development engineers make.

3 misconceptions about engineering careers in global development
22 Mar 2016

Engineering, like any profession, suffers from a few stereotypes. When it comes to working in global development, here are several common misconceptions — and corrections — about engineers.

Engineering jobs in global development: What you need to know
22 Mar 2016

In international development, engineering roles can range from overseeing a bridge construction project in a post-conflict country to designing an innovative solution to a water and sanitation challenge. Read on to find out who hires engineering, trends impacting career opportunities and advice from industry veterans.

Careers in climate change: What you need to know
15 Mar 2016

The next couple of years may be considered a golden age for climate work, as related issues are increasingly integrated into core development programming. Here's what you need to know about exploring a career in climate change.

4 myths about working on climate change in global development
15 Mar 2016

Climate change is quickly becoming a core focus of development work, and the demand for experts who can lead the way on these issues is growing. But there are several misconceptions about engaging in climate work, from the skills involved to the sectors this type of work touches. Read on for myth debunking from climate experts.

Who's who in #globaldev: October 2015 executive appointments
9 Nov 2015

Japan’s bilateral aid arm welcomed a new leader at the start of October. And he's promised to do his "utmost to foster trust and earn even more praise from both the international community and the Japanese people."