Michael Sweikar


Michael Sweikar is the managing director for the University of Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development. NDIGD performs monitoring and evaluation, assessments and training, and assists in strategic planning for global development projects.

Latest Articles

Pooling public-private partnership best practices
20 Jan 2015

The University of Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development has played a part in convening a variety of actors to discuss shared values in public-private partnerships and examining multifaceted solutions that work for all stakeholders. Its managing director, Michael Sweikar, shares 10 of these best practices.

5 ways to better measure corporate partnerships
17 Sep 2013

Corporations are increasingly involved in solving global problems, but they have largely failed to keep pace with the move in international development toward rigorous monitoring and evaluation. Notre Dame’s Michael Sweikar shares five lessons on successfully integrating measurement into corporate responsibility partnerships.