Morgan Meaker


Morgan Meaker is a London-based freelance journalist. She writes for Reuters, the Guardian and the BBC among others. She covers human rights, development and sustainable business at home and abroad.

Latest Articles

When aid funds a country — not its refugees
10 Mar 2017

As the Syrian conflict approaches its sixth anniversary, international NGOs have been searching for ways to support Lebanon's refugees without excluding the local population. Money that would traditionally take the form of food parcels or hand-outs is instead being funneled into the country itself, fueling its economy and supporting public institutions.

How can humanitarian actors protect LGBT refugees?
9 Aug 2016

LGBTI rights activist Javid Nabiyev fled Azerbaijan to escape discrimination and the threat of prison, but he found little relief in Germany. The country's humanitarian actors are now facing yet another question: How can they protect LGBTI asylum-seekers from the abuse endemic in accommodation centers across the country?

Can a roll of the dice help communities prepare for climate uncertainty?
21 Jun 2016

The uncertainty surrounding climate change predictions leads to challenges in communicating concepts such as preparedness and probability. Ditching traditional methods, several organizations have turned to games to help convey rising temperatures realities around the world.