Pratit Samdani

Pratit Samdani is an honorary associate professor of medicine at Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals and unit head at G.T. Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Cumballa Hill Hospital and Global Hospital, Mumbai. He is hailed as one of Mumbai’s Top Doctors by India Today and was a recipient of the “Excellence in Medicine” award in December 2012 (in Delhi) and June 2013 (in Mumbai). Dr. Samdani has a wealth of experience in various fields of medicine, including infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiology and neurology. With the increasing prevalence of dengue in his country and feeling the burden (through his patients) of a very preventable tropical disease, Dr. Samdani has a keen interest in both educating doctors about dengue and treating this disease.