Roja Heydarpour


Roja Heydarpour is a freelance writer and editor. She has worked for The Daily Beast, The New York Times, Al-Monitor, The NY Observer and The Times-Tribune. On Twitter: @rojarojaroja

Latest Articles

Why governments should pay attention to early childhood education
19 Jan 2016

Advances in neuroscience and cutting-edge social science research are showing that preschool programs could possibly lead to more peaceful societies. Devex talked to Katherine A. Merseth, early childhood development team leader at RTI International, about how experts are developing tools that can be applied anywhere, from the United States to Kenya.

6 tech companies changing the face of peacekeeping
14 Sep 2015

A text message might save a life, a game may help build a different future and a new app may map the challenges. What is clear is that a variety of new technologies and data have the power to be the tools of peace. Here, Devex looks at six tech companies changing the face of international peacekeeping.

Good governance: A driving force for peace in fragile states
14 Sep 2015

There are real strides being made to maintain peace in conflict and "post-conflict" zones. But no matter the method, all agree that before anything can efficiently work, good governance must be in play.

Out of conflict can come opportunity
31 Aug 2015

While it may seem like the world is in constant upheaval, a shift in focus toward countries that have managed to survive can provide a window into strategies that have actually worked. They may even offer ideas that can be translated and adapted to other places in transition.