Rolf Rosenkranz


Rolf Rosenkranz oversees a talented team of in-house journalists, correspondents and guest contributors located around the globe. Since joining Devex in early 2008, Rolf has been instrumental in growing its fledgling news operation into the leading online source for global development news and analysis. Previously, Rolf was managing editor at Inside Health Policy, a subscription-based news service in Washington. He has reported from Africa for the Johannesburg-based Star and its publisher, Independent News & Media, as well as the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, a German daily.

Latest Articles

Jynwel chief Jho Low: My vision for sustainable social investment
25 Mar 2015

Jho Low's beaming smile, business acumen and deep pockets have endeared him to movers and shakers from Hollywood to Wall Street and beyond, and with his takeover of IRIN, the humanitarian news service, he's ready to shake up international development cooperation. How? An exclusive interview.

Ange Kagame: Never touch anything with half of your heart
23 Mar 2015

Ange Kagame isn't just Rwanda's "first daughter" — the budding philanthropist is part of a new generation of leaders ready to transform Africa. What's her vision for the continent's future? An interview by Rolf Rosenkranz.

#YouthWill launches to recognize global development leaders
3 Mar 2015

Young people hold the key to our future — and they are making a difference today. To recognize young leaders in international development and showcase ways to empower the next generation, Devex is launching Youth Will today.

Christian Paradis to World Bank: Buy Canadian
2 Mar 2015

Canada's foreign aid chief was in Washington Friday to listen, learn and leverage his political clout to advance Canadian business interests with the World Bank. Which corporate leaders were part of his delegation?

Africa50's fast-track approach to infrastructure finance
20 Feb 2015

Africa is on the move, but infrastructure investments are lagging behind. A massive new multilateral fund has set out to change that, and speed up project design and preparation in the process.

Charting Myanmar's development future
6 Feb 2015

Movers and shakers in the international development community will be gathering in Naypyitaw this weekend for the third Myanmar Development Cooperation Forum to talk about the country's development situation, challenges and future. Where is Myanmar's development future headed?

The 7 foreign aid boons and busts in Obama's budget proposal
3 Feb 2015

Central America is up, democracy programs and refugee assistance are down. Here are the highlights of U.S. President Barack Obama's $4 trillion wish list.

Suspension via email
28 Jan 2015

The sobering news came via email: Employees of International Relief and Development learned on Monday that their biggest donor had suspended the U.S. nonprofit from winning new business — shortly after IRD leaders got notice from their partners in government.

Obama salutes Alan Gross, Ebola responders
21 Jan 2015

No bold pledge resembling 2013's to end extreme poverty in two decades: U.S. President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday night didn't serve up much on international development cooperation.

The importance of global development
8 Jan 2015

2015 promises to be a decisive year for global development. This week, though, brought somber reminders of the challenges the international community faces in advancing peace and opportunity for all.