Sharmila Parmanand


Sharmila is currently an instructor at the University of Vermont. She has a master’s degree in gender and development and has supervised and conducted research projects on human trafficking and related issues. She has also worked as a debate and public-speaking consultant in more than 20 countries.

Latest Articles

7 ways to increase the impact of anti-slavery interventions
8 Dec 2014

The scale of resources currently dedicated to fighting modern slavery is nowhere near enough to match the scope of the problem. What then can donors and implementing partners do to ensure these scarce aid resources will create maximum impact?

Want to fight human trafficking? Check out VFF's holistic model
24 Mar 2014

In the Philippines, one of the world’s top human trafficking hubs, a local NGO has been recognized for its unique and multifaceted approach to addressing the problem. The Visayan Forum Foundation shares with Devex its best practices for fighting modern slavery.

No 'one-size-fits-all' solution for mainstreaming gender in development
21 Mar 2014

What are the main challenges of mainstreaming gender issues into development programs? One is dealing with country-specific contexts, according to Kelly Cronen, Chemonics' director of gender practice and a former anti-trafficking adviser at USAID.

How #SheBuilds communities
7 Mar 2014

No matter the odds, many women around the globe are taking on leadership roles in promoting peace and improving public services. Here are some of the best practices that empower women to create healthy, stable and thriving communities.

Lessons for combating human trafficking in post-calamity situations
13 Jan 2014

How can governments and development organizations prevent trafficking after natural disasters? Devex spoke to experts and reviewed best practices in the sector. Here are six key recommendations.

5 cities for development organizations to consider when expanding
9 Dec 2013

Global development organizations are strategically expanding their presence in hubs across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Here are five developing world cities where organizations have experienced success.

Women, girls still missing from global progress against AIDS
3 Dec 2013

The development community has made significant progress in the battle against HIV and AIDS, but the disease is still the leading cause of death for women in their reproductive years. We asked two experts why this issue is not being fully addressed by the development community.

Business best practices that development organizations should adopt
16 Nov 2013

In this era of competition, value for money and intense scrutiny over development projects, adopting private sector rigor and practices can increase the efficiency and competitive advantage of development organizations. Devex identifies five such practices that can help development organizations improve their operations.

How to protect women, girls after a disaster
15 Nov 2013

Amid the destruction left by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, there is concern over the safety of women and girls. Experts tell Devex how they can be protected after a disaster.

Family planning, RH crucial to hitting MDG targets — experts
25 Oct 2013

Significant progress has been made on the infant and maternal mortality since 1990, but a final push is needed to meet these MDGs by 2015. Several experts share with us how this will require additional efforts on family planning and reproductive health.