Steve Zausner


Steve is a co-founder and lead of the advisory practice at Office:FMA, a financial strategy and advisory firm focused on emerging and frontier markets. Steve has successfully led high-profile projects around capital market development, public financial management, entrepreneurship, access to finance, economic growth, investment promotion and has structured many significant innovative financial transactions. Clients have included DFIs, foundations, non-profits and other consulting firms.

Latest Articles

Explainer: For SMEs, access to finance isn't the problem. Lending is.
14 Aug 2017

Office:FMA's Steven Zausner and Andrew Haimes explain the intricacies of Basel III and Know Your Client regulations.

Explainer: Impact investing and international development
16 Jun 2017

The international development community has high hopes for impact investing. But how does investing in developing country markets square with private sector interests? Office:FMA Partner Andrew Haimes and Advisory Service Lead Steve Zausner explain.