Tricia Petruney


Tricia Petruney is a technical advisor for research utilization at FHI 360, where she supports governments, funders and implementers to improve evidence-informed decision making within global development policy and program design.

Latest Articles

The age of integration
19 Oct 2015

How do we operationalize an integrated development agenda? In this exclusive guest commentary, FHI 360's Patrick Fine, CEO, and Tricia Petruney, technical adviser for research utilization and integrated development, discuss the practicalities: what to do, how to do it and how to pay for it.

Facing global development's fear of failure
12 Dec 2014

The development community is often afraid of publicizing failure, a practice that can help improve projects moving forward and improve efficiencies. In this guest column, FHI 360’s Tricia Petruney discusses what we should do to change this trend and improve information sharing around failure.