Vinod Thomas


Vinod Thomas is director general of the Asian Development Bank's Independent Evaluation Department since 2011. Thomas also has 35 years experience with the World Bank, where his last position was director general and vice president of the Independent Evaluation Group.

Latest Articles

The controversy over safeguard policies
1 Feb 2016

Three safeguards policy experts say the World Bank now proposes replacing its safeguard policies with weaker and aspirational "standards" that may be met "flexibly" during a project's execution.

Actions for inclusion amid rising inequality
29 Jul 2015

There is no "one size fits all" for greater inclusion, but as inclusion assumes a big part of the SDGs, learning from the experience of programs for greater inclusion assumes urgency. A guest op-ed from Vinod Thomas, director general of independent evaluation at the Asian Development Bank.

ADB's unique moment in Asia
6 Jul 2015

ADB's emerging strategy and internal reforms are motivated by the value of an operational shift in the organization's offerings in the direction of a more inclusive and climate-friendly portfolio. An exclusive commentary from the director general of the bank's Independent Evaluation Department.

The real purpose for safeguard reform at MDBs
7 Oct 2014

At this week's annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group, one of the buzz topics will surely be the ongoing reform of the institution's safeguards policy. In a guest opinion, a senior official currently evaluating ADB safeguards suggests how MDBs can meet financial commitments without endangering social and environmental outcomes.

Impact evaluations to guide policy
3 Sep 2014

Impact evaluations of development programs are not yet common in policymaking, but they can guide policy and investments based on evidence instead of them being driven mostly by special interests. A guest opinion by Vinod Thomas, head of ADB's Independent Evaluation Department.

Asia's transformation through better governance
29 Aug 2014

Asian economies are outpacing the rest, but many countries still rank poorly on good governance. While it may be no panacea for development, it's imperative to address this challenge for inclusive, sustainable growth, the head of ADB's Independent Evaluation Committee writes in a guest opinion.