Ban Ki-moon vows to keep UN in step with the world

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon assessed his performance since occupying his position last year, marking the progress he has so far made in U.N. reform, climate change, human rights, and the Millennium Development Goals, among others. “I have not sat still this year,” he quipped. “From the very first day that I took office, I have been on the go – engaging leaders in their capitals and across the U.N. community to push progress.” The U.N. chief also reaffirmed his commitment to “change the U.N. culture and re-engineer the United Nations for life in our fast-paced modern world.” He added that as an organization, the U.N. should act more swiftly and effectively in responding to global challenges. Since assuming office, Ban has flown 125,000 miles in the course of 57 official visits in 39 countries, spending at least 132 days on the road.

Source: U.N. chief reflects on first year performance in office (Xinhua)

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