Belgian Agency Invests in Rural Development and Decentralization in Mali

A typical Early Intelligence report has less than 300 words but the process that goes into it is no easy task. The team pores over news alerts and strategy papers, and interviews aid agency officials in order to get the latest on upcoming activities in the development industry. We do have a good reason for calling them premium reports.

In this EI post on the Belgian Technical Cooperation's program in Mali for 2009-2012, we learned from a BTC geographical advisor that consultants will be needed for rural development and decentralization initiatives. About 10.5 million euros (US$13.5 million) has been earmarked for cattle breeding projects and 5.6 million euros (US$7.2 million) for fisheries. The decentralization intervention has an indicative budget of 18.5 million euros (US$23.8 million).

BTC will also continue to commit funding for ongoing interventions in Timbuktu and Samanko (south of Bamako). The agency has recently published a procurement notice for a wheat production project in Timbuktu.

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