Belgium Scores Positive Marks in Development Policy Review

Belgium’s development policy received positive marks in a recent review by members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee.

DAC, which comprises donor governments and multilateral organizations, awarded a distinction for the country’s development policy as a result of the peer review but urged Belgium to make its policy more coherent by identifying a common vision for all agencies involved in its aid system, according to a news release from the country’s foreign affairs office. Belgium was also encouraged to increase public awareness of its aid programs.

This positive assessment represented “significant progress” in Belgium’s development policy, which in previous DAC peer reviews was regarded as “unsatisfactory,” the news release noted.

In the most recent peer review, Belgium scored well in the following areas:

- Continued support to fragile states and countries despite the global economic crisis.

- Increase in aid budget.

- Collaboration with non-governmental organizations and universities.

- Non-earmarked contributions to multilateral organizations.

- Humanitarian aid reform.

Switzerland and Canada reviewed Belgium’s development policy for in this latest round of DAC peer review.

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  • Ivy Mungcal

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