Bill Clinton Hopes to See a 'Self-Sufficient' Haiti

    Former U.S. President Bill Clinton looks forward to a “self-sufficient” Haiti in the future, The Associated Press reports.

    The U.N. special envoy to the quake-hit nation told representatives of aid groups in a New York gathering: “Every time we spend a dollar in Haiti from now on we have to ask ourselves, ‘Does this have a long-term return? Are we helping them become more self-sufficient? … Are we serious about working ourselves out of a job?’”

    Clinton’s recommendations include commitment by relief groups to earmark a tenth of their Haiti spending to pay for government salaries and employee training, hire local staff, confer with local officials and mold their efforts in accordance with the Haitian government’s plan, according to AP.

    One delegate said that some aid groups will find it difficult to answer to Clinton’s call.

    “Working yourself out of a job — which is working to strengthen the government of Haiti so that the support and work of a nonprofit is no longer needed — isn’t a standard practice,” said Liz Blake, senior vice president at Habitat for Humanity International, as quoted by AP.

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