Bolivia to US aid: Conform or leave

Bolivia recently put its foot down, announcing that United States aid should leave if it refuses to adjust to the Bolivian government’s populist thrust. Although Bolivia has been getting around $120 million from the U.S. every year, the South American country has expressed concern about how American aid may be funding the nation’s conservative opposition. Presidential minister Juan Ramon Quintana said that even as the Bolivian people have been gunning for “profound change,” true reforms are being “harassed and interfered with by the effects of U.S. assistance,” later saying that “if the U.S. cooperation does not adjust itself to the politics of the Bolivian state, the door is open” for their departure. Meanwhile, USAID Washington spokesman David Snider has denied these allegations, emphasizing that American assistance to Bolivia has never been politically motivated. (Source: Bolivia says US aid must adjust to Morales’ politics or leave/Associated Press)

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