Britain warns China over Africa aid

British international development secretary Hilary Benn believes China?s multi-billion-dollar aid and loan plan for Africa could push back countries, which have benefited from debt relief, into the vicious debt cycle. Benn said: “If countries are borrowing to the extent that their debt becomes unsustainable then that undermines all the work that has been done in trying to tackle unsustainable debt. The issue for debt is not debt per se, it’s can you afford it?” Benn plans to continue talking with China on Britain?s concerns. ?”The other issue is governance because in the end China, with all its increasing stake in Africa, has just the same interest as the rest of the world ? and the people of Africa ? have in good governance. We need to talk more to China about how we can work together because we both have the same interests, which are the development of Africa as a continent.” (Source: Chinese aid to Africa may do more harm than good, warns Benn/Guardian Unlimited)

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