Brown seeks to revitalize global anti-poverty plan

    U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on the international community to do more to meet the Millennium Development Goals. “It’s time to call it what it is, a development emergency which needs emergency action,” Brown said before a United Nations meeting attended by business leaders, representatives from non-governmental organizations and international delegates. His campaign, according to the British premier, earned the full backing of a dozen governments and 20 corporate giants like Microsoft, Google and Wal-Mart Stores. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon conceded that the world is “off track on some of the goals,” though a report noted some progress towards achieving the MDGs. “Some say we will not make it, I say we still can,” Ban continued. (Source: New UK PM Urges Renewed Efforts On Stalled Global Devt Plan/The Associated Press)

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