Cambodia SMEs

    “How Business Development Services can help SMEs more competitive and lead to economic growth in Cambodia”

    Authors: Ratha Chan, Professor: Said Yahiaoui
    September 2009,

    The private sector in Cambodia is the primary employer in the country accounting for approximately 95% of total employment. Since the agriculture sector employs the largest number of people. It will continue to be an important source of jobs for new entrants. However, with the low productivity of the sector and the reduced amount of land available to workers, the role of the industrial and service sectors will continue to grow as a source of new employment. High growth sectors such as manufacturing, tourism and construction will contribute to job growth and productivity improvement. Continued growth in manufacturing will depend on the ability of the private sector to diversify into new areas to reduce the sector’s dependency on the garment sector. In particular agro-processing has potential to contribute to generate economic growth and employment.