Global Impact CEO and President Scott Jackson talks about the “democratization of giving” with Devex Partner Alan Robbins at Devex World.

Private sector players are at a “critical nexus,” with a greater role to play in global development efforts than ever previously thought possible.

“We’ve thought normally of generosity and philanthropy as being tax deductible … but what it’s really about is private sector philanthropy, investments, business solutions,” said Global Impact CEO and President Scott Jackson. “And for me that’s a continuum of giving that’s not always purely philanthropic, but about development and global impact.”

In conversation with Devex Partner Alan Robbins at Devex World, Jackson also explained that as well as an opportunity to democratize technology, governance and public policy, there’s also an opportunity to democratize giving — putting the same tools into the hands of everyone, regardless of status or wealth so that they can also contribute to a better world.

Watch the clip above for more from Jackson on the work of Global Impact and the importance of the individual in the continuum of giving.

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