Canada Launches HIV Researchers’ Alliance

The CHVI Research and Development Alliance is a social network where top researchers coverge to develop safe and globally accessible HIV vaccines. Photo by:

The Canadian government has announced the creation of the CHVI Research and Development Alliance.

The alliance, which forms part of what the Canadian government called as renewed Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative, is a social network in Canada where top researchers from the public and private sectors and international community converge to develop safe, effective, affordable and globally accessible HIV vaccines. 

As part of CHVI, the Canadian International Development Agency pledged to spend 16 million Canadian dollars (USD15.3 million) over five years in support of research teams in Africa.

“As the development of an HIV vaccine will take time, it is important to continue to support global HIV prevention to reduce infection rates,” said Canadian Minister of International Cooperation Beverley J. Oda in a press release. “Our investment demonstrates that we are committed to addressing HIV and contributing to solutions globally to slow its spread.”

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