Canadian aid to Afghanistan under fire again

Following the lead of Canada’s senate foreign affairs committee, the Senlis Council, and the Manley report, Canadian senator Colin Kenny questioned how the government is delivering aid to Afghanistan. Kenny, who is also the chairman of the senate committee on national security and defense, said that Canada has fallen into the habit of giving checks to different international organizations and then walking away with only a scant idea of how the money is spent. “The money is going to Swiss banks. Huge amounts of it is getting funneled off,” Kenny said. “The problem is, once they’ve given the checks to them, they have no way to determine what was done with it or measure whether it was successful. Nobody is keeping account of where the money is going.” Canadian minister of international cooperation Beverley Oda, however, fought off these allegations. “Senator Kenny is totally wrong because he is making wild accusations that are without fact. He is accusing the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the Red Cross and other organizations of no accountability and that’s totally wrong,” she retorted.

Source: Senator sounds alarm over aid to Afghans (The Ottawa Citizen)

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