Amid the controversy over the election of delegates to the Global Fund’s China Country Co-ordinating Mechanism, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria decided to move forward with the signing of grant agreements with China. The total package amounts to $33 million – $13 million to support anti-HIV/AIDS efforts and $20 million to tackle malaria in the next two years. Nonetheless, the fund intends to review the elections, assuring that it “will be insisting that the recommendations coming out of that review are fully implemented.” Global Fund executive director Richard Feachem said he is “optimistic that this will lead to a satisfactory resolution.” AIDS activist Wan Yanhai blasted the fund’s decision. “We clearly told them that it is not a good time to sign the grant agreement. I feel we are not respected by the Global Fund,” he said.

Source: Global Fund to give Aids grants to China (Financial Times)

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