China improves ties to Africa

Beijing continues to fortify its ties to Africa during the two countries’ first annual talks this week. “China and Africa are good friends, close partners and dear brothers,” Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said, adding that Beijing remains committed to writing off Africa’s debts, offering tax exemptions, and improving development in the largely impoverished continent. Yang emphasized that the relationship between China and Africa was one that was founded on “equality and mutual respect,” and that the Chinese government hopes to strengthen its political, investment, and trade relations with Africa. The Chinese finance minister also said that milestones were achieved in the finance, technology, and civil aviation sectors, pointing out that China-Africa trade rose up to 39.3 billion from January to June of this year, a 30 percent leap from the previous year’s performance. (Source: China launches new forum to beef up ties with Africa/Agence-France Presse)

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