CIC - Annual Review of Peacekeeping Operations

The New York-based Center on International Cooperation (CIC) in its annual report on global peace operations criticizes the United Nations Security Council for authorizing large-scale peacekeeping missions around the world in spite of warnings that demands on troop contributors are overtaking their ability to deliver. “Repeated warnings of overstretch did not forestall the authorization of ambitious new mandates by the Security Council and regional organizations,” says the report. The criticism came as the Security Council met to consider the latest report from UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on Darfur, where deployment of a combined UN and African Union peace force, UNAMID, is badly behind schedule as the result of lack of vital resources and delaying tactics by the Sudanese government. The CIC report says some of the problems of international peacekeeping by both the UN and regional organizations stemmed from decisions to deploy forces in spite of the absence of peace agreements on the ground. “By year-end, peacekeeping was becoming a victim of its own success,” it says. “The complexity of operations began to outstrip the ability of international organizations to keep peace.”

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