Clemens: A 'Careful Evaluation' for Millennium Villages

    Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development advocates a “careful evaluation” of the Millennium Villages Project, a poverty reduction program in 13 locations across Africa, as he noted that the current phased assessment is shortsighted in moving the initiative forward.

    Clemens said any decision to scale up the program must be based on a follow-up of the program’s impact and effectiveness in project areas. The assessment must include comparing the Millennium Villages to other underprivileged villages in Africa that have not received a similar intervention.

    “A careful evaluation of the MVs would comprise two critical elements. First, long term follow-up is essential. Second, the villages that get the intervention must be compared to villages that do not get it, in such a way that which villages do and don’t get the intervention are randomly picked from an initial group,” said Clemens.

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