Clinton Seeks Budgetary Reforms, Honduras’ Readmission at OAS General Assembly

    How can the Organization of American States better serve its member states and more effectively address regional challenges and crises? U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered three suggestions in her remarks during the OAS general assembly in Peru on June 7.

    The first, Clinton said, is to realign the OAS’s budget and staffing with its core mission of advancing and supporting strong democratic institutions that promote peace, security and opportunity. The OAS currently has too many priorities and mandates that drain its budget, dilute its efforts and diminish its capacity, Clinton explained.

    The second step is to reform the organization’s budget. Clinton noted that the OAS’s current fiscal path is unsustainable and poses a threat to the organization’s viability.

    The secretary told participants of the assembly that U.S. President Barack Obama has requested Congress to increase the country’s support for OAS by 3 percent. Clinton encouraged other countries to follow this lead.

    In her third recommendation, Clinton pushed for the implementation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter by September 2011. She said the U.S will work with other member states to develop a collaborative action plan to guide the charter’s implementation.

    Clinton, in her speech, also encouraged the OAS to “welcome Honduras back into the Inter-American community.”

    Initiatives undertaken by Honduras President Porfirio Lobo in the past months indicate the government’s commitment to democratic and constitutional order, Clinton noted.

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