Afro-Colombians continue to be displaced from their ancestral lands and face ongoing violence and deep poverty, a U.N. human rights expert has said, urging authorities in Colombia to do much more to protect the rights of minorities in the Andean country. Gay McDougall, the U.N. Independent Expert on Minority Issues, told reporter in Bogota that while Colombia has impressive legislation aimed at recognizing the rights of Afro-Colombians, many of these laws are rarely implemented or enforced. “The vast majority of communities and organizations that I consulted complain that implementation… remains woefully inadequate, limited and sporadic,” said McDougall, who wrapped up a 12-day visit to Colombia during which she met with President Alvaro Uribe, other Government officials, academics, NGOs and many Afro-Colombians. “Most importantly, where steps have been taken, no real enforcement has followed.” (U.N. News Service)

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