Concepts of elements in the first column of logframe

      Concepts of elements in the first column of Logframe



      Describes what goes/offered by the project to its participants 


      The financial, human and material resources necessary to produce the intended outputs of a project

      Examples: Money, human resources, materials, time, kinds, training, counseling, technical assistance etc.


      Which delivers inputs to its beneficiaries/stakeholders   

      OR ,

      Actions taken or work performed in a project to produce specific outputs by using inputs.

      Examples: Baseline survey, curriculum development for crop farmer, farmer field schools and demo plot established etc.  


      The immediate result of activities/interventions* is output. Completed activities are not outputs. Outputs are actually the short-term effects of completed activities.

      Example: Training usually called and activity. The output identified the new skill or ability that has resulted from the training, etc.

      *Note: A temporary activity conducted by a development or government agency design to permanently overcome a particular constrains



      Outcomes are medium-term results. The results achieved at the level of “purpose” in the objective hierarchy is called outcome. A few organization segregated outcome in to two levels; effect and impact. Most of the other development organization indicate outcome as effect.

      Effect refers to the change in condition or behavior of individuals or organization and creation of /or improvement to system as a result of achieving an immediate goal/purpose.

      Examples: Children eat healthy food provided by their parents, increase crop production, etc.  


      The actual change in condition as a consequence of project intervention


      Sustainable improvements in human condition or wellbeing


      Long term result in a system, and/or among the target population, as consequence of program activities and outcomes


      •   Income increased

      •  # of death of dehydration has reduced

      •  Women and men have equal treatment under the law

      •  Improved quality of justice

      • Improved food and economic security of household in the target areas