Conference call: Influencing global health in the social media era

Listen to the full recording for insights on strategic communications in global health. Via YouTube.

With more and more of the world’s population online, digital innovations are continuously disrupting conventional methods of information sharing and advocacy. For global health and humanitarian aid, platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp can be effective vehicles for delivering campaigns to improve health literacy, influence behaviors, and challenge common misconceptions of illness and disease.

Development organizations, however, have a lot to consider when seeking to incorporate social media best practices in their work.

As part of On Message, our ongoing series for global development communicators, Devex Associate Director of Communications Carine Umuhumuza speaks with global health social media expert Lippi Doshi about the power of social media to advance development goals.

Highlights from this 30-minute conference call include:

• An overview of the latest trends in global health communications — from the rapidly evolving use of social media platforms to combating the spread of dangerous misinformation.

• How the sector can harness the use of “influencers” in advocating for global health issues.

• How to elevate conversations about neglected and/or niche areas of global health.

• Ways to measure the engagement and impact of social media and digital campaigns for health education and literacy, behavior change, and more.

Speakers: Lippi Doshi, co-chair, Social Media for Global Health
Carine Umuhumuza, associate director of communications, Devex

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