"Corruption" destroyer of development and father of poverty!!!

    “There are no shortcuts to fighting corruption and improving governance. On this front, both the African people, Government and the international community are expected to stand up against corrupt officials and practice that makes corruption thrive.”

    1.Public officials, refuse the thank you envelopes clients give you for doing your work.

    2. Private citizens(You and I) refuse to pay for contracts you are not qualify for, or contracts that you won through the right biding process.

    3. Development partners stop organizing unnecessary training programs for government officials and paying yourselves with the same money year marked for development programs.

    4. Civil Society play the role of protector of our wealth and demanding accountability from government, refuse government appointment and fight for the right of society

    5. Media men and women , expose corrupt government officials, private and public institutions corrupting our systems and do not accept payments from such institution.

    6. Christians lets leave by the principles of our religion

    Africans lets fight to make our future generation a better one than what was left to us by our fore fathers.

    New thought, new leadership, new hope for Africa.