Cyclone-hit Bangladesh pleads for reconstruction aid

Devastated by Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh has launched a call to the international community to help the country rebuild itself. “We need international aid worth some $700 million for rebuilding and rehabilitation,” head of the Bangladeshi interim government Fakhruddin Ahmed said in a meeting with foreign diplomats and donor representatives. The needed funding includes USD250 million for the reconstruction of coastal embankments, USD150 million for coastal reforestation, USD200 million for the construction of roughly 2,000 cyclone shelters and another USD100 million for rehabilitating schools plowed down by the cyclone. Fakhruddin Ahmed said that climate change was a primary cause for the destructive weather patterns sweeping through the country. “An internationally created problem like climate change demands an internationally supported suitable solution for those worst affected as in Bangladesh,” he remarked.

Source: Storm-hit Bangladesh seeks $700 mln for rebuilding

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