Mozambique has requested the help of the World Food Program to provide aid to more than 60,000 Mozambicans affected by cyclone Jokwe, which swept through the northern and central areas of the country. “The government has made an urgent appeal to the WFP for food to feed people who were affected by cyclone Jokwe,” said Joao Ribeiro, deputy national director of the Mozambican National Disaster Management Institute (INGC). Ribeiro also said that the institute would be working with non-governmental organizations from all over the world to evaluate the situation in Zambezia and Nampula, provinces that were hardest hit by the cyclone. The WFP has already assured that it would start disseminating food to Mozambican communities, using food stock that had been reserved for other relief operations. “WFP needs USD550,000 (350,000 euros) to replenish these stocks as soon as possible,” the agency added.

Source: Mozambican government seeks urgent food aid after cyclone (AFP)

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