Delights of the Green Isle

    Derry’s Day

    Tinny ring of my words

    heralds the day

    as we, by grace,

    walk to another platform

    where more words

    will attend to heaven,

    who hears all.

    “From this point forward”

    they cry out to quiet their souls.

    Let us gaze upon the healing we’ve managed,

    and today, leave for a moment, the toil that remains.

    Rage does not die quietly,

    but let us hold our fragility in our hands,

    in each others’,

    in order to remember

    when we inevitably forget again.

    The shores,

    they are always,

    always washing away.

    As Richard Moore explained, “People converged because of what the bridge represented…People felt emotional. That bridge is a representation of the hurts as well as the positive side of the last 35 years. You stare at the bridge and you think about the victims, and all the work to get us to this point. And then you think – we are at that point. And that’s a wonderful place to be.”

    A Derry child’s rendering of the bridge on display at the festivities: “I think the bridge should be called hope”


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