Dependence on Foreign Aid Curbs Haiti's Growth

The only way to bring about long-term improvements in Haiti’s social infrastructure is through the government, said Edmond Mulet, head of the United Nations mission in the Caribbean nation. To make Haiti self-sufficient, the government’s capacity must be built instead of relying heavily on non-governmental organizations to take the lead in developing the quake-hit nation.

“If we want to really change, this is the time for the international community to work with the state, through the state and government to build their own capacities,” Mulet was quoted by the NPR as saying. “If we don’t do that now, we will be here for the next 200 years addressing these issues.”

A former Haitian minister of defense, Patrick Elie, also rejected the idea of rebuilding Haiti using a strategy “devised in some foreign capital.”

Elie said: “We should be careful that this tragedy does not become the occasion of a humanitarian coup.”

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  • Ma. Rizza Leonzon

    As a former staff writer, Rizza focused mainly on business coverage, including key donors such as the Asian Development Bank and AusAID.