Devex LIVE: Centering government voices for the journey to sustained impact at scale

Watch the digital event “Centering Government Voices for the Journey to Sustained Impact at Scale.” Via YouTube.

This week, Devex and VillageReach hosted a discussion with government officials from Uganda, Cameroon, and Ethiopia to elevate practical, actionable guidance on how to ensure solutions are effectively integrated into the public sector.

In a virtual event format, Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar spoke with Dr. Martina Lukong Baye from the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Daniel Gebre-Michael Burssa from the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, and Joram Patrick Mugisha from the Ugandan Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation on the topics of power sharing, alignment, capacity, transparency, and accountability when it comes to co-creation of innovative solutions with country governments.

A visual representation of the conversation, created live during the event. Illustration by: Chris Shipton

The digital discussion was an official Skoll World Forum ecosystem event, designed to support VillageReach and Spring Impact, its partner, in their efforts to create a Learning Network to share best practices in transitioning solutions to governments.

Watch the event above and join the conversation online using the hashtag #DevexLIVE.

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