Devex's 2015 lifestyle coverage: 5 must-read stories

By Kelli Rogers 22 December 2015

Devex Associate Editor Kelli Rogers reflects on five of Devex’s top lifestyle stories of 2015.

In 2015, Devex made a renewed effort to cover more of the lifestyle topics that matter most to you — our audience of global development professionals.

Achieving your own career goals as well as the goals you’ve helped set with the communities you serve are both extremely important to you, we know. But let’s not forget that it’s a long road, and that the everyday life of an aid worker is equal parts frustrating and fascinating, enigmatic and entertaining. I think some of our coverage this year has helped prove that, whether it was about love or leadership or work-life balance.

As the editor of the Doing Good publication, more than anything I want to engage with our ever-growing audience. Is there a lifestyle topic we haven’t even touched that you want to talk about? Is there an initiative, a phrase or a movement we could dig into that would allow you to better do your job? Tweet me @kellierin.

But first, check out this video with some of my top picks of our lifestyle coverage this year.

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About the author

Kelli Rogers@kellierin

In her role as associate editor, Kelli Rogers helps to shape Devex content around leadership, professional growth and careers for professionals in international development, humanitarian aid and global health. As the manager of Doing Good, one of Devex's highest-circulation publications, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest staffing changes, hiring trends and tricks for recruiting skilled local and international staff for aid projects that make a difference. Kelli has studied or worked in Spain, Costa Rica and Kenya.

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