DevExplains: Development jargon of 2017

Keeping things simple and digestible is what DevExplains is all about. Here's six of our top terms from 2017.

Who are outcome payers and what role do they play in development impact bonds? What’s so problematic with the term child marriage? Which are the different entities involved in handling and managing Chinese aid?

Devex reporters and editors asked these same questions and more throughout the year, in an effort to further development professionals’ understanding of these oft-discussed terms and topics. As 2017 draws to a close, here are six of the top terms that could come handy, whether in a conference or conversation.

DevExplains: Development Impact Bonds
By Adva Saldinger, Julie Espinosa, Johnny Dubbaneh
Development impact bonds are often tossed around as a potential innovative financing mechanism, including in several cases to address global health challenges. This video explores what they are, how they work and when they should be used.

DevExplains: Do we need a new term for 'child marriage?'
By Jessica Abrahams, Naomi Mihara
More than 15 million girls each year are married before the age of 18. Widely known as "child marriage," some activists argue that the development community needs to find a new term to reframe our understanding of the issue.

DevExplains: Chinese aid
By Jenny Lei Ravelo
Information on Chinese development aid remains scant. That which is out there has done little to satiate the aid community’s thirst for understanding, or to expand on the scarce amount of official information provided to date. Devex takes a look at everything you need to know about Chinese aid. From who manages it, to how it is disbursed, to what impact it has, this is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the underpinnings of Beijing's foreign aid and development programs.

DevExplains: The 'internet of things'
By Margaret Richardson, Julie Espinosa
In the global development community, smart grid technology is probably the most well-known use of the "internet of things." But energy is just one example — and IoT could be set to drastically increase efficiency in many other ways.

Is Universal Health Coverage possible?
By Rebecca Root
What exactly is universal coverage — and is it really possible to achieve? 

Fintech versus financial inclusion: What’s the difference?
By Jenny Lei Ravelo
Just because it’s fintech doesn’t necessarily mean it covers financial inclusion.

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